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Featured Story

A Cherub’s Dilemma


            Pink cubical walls shuddered as Jerry shoved away from his desk and made his way to the elevator. Other cherubs poked their heads over cubical walls to watch. Some tried to call out to him, looks ranging from concern to sorrow on their faces. No one knew that he had been thinking of quitting for a couple of days now. Their division was in charge of reviewing and cataloguing client cases. As Valentine’s Day was approaching, Jerry had hoped to review more successful cases. Instead, Jerry wearied of the growing number of broken hearts that flashed across his screen with each passing day.

            He punched the call button and tapped his foot impatiently as each chime indicated the elevator’s retrieval from lower floors. Jerry avoided eye contact as he waited, staring down at his polished black wing-tipped shoes instead. He shut out the curious murmurs and focused on the chiming of the elevator. When at last the elevator arrived, Jerry moved to step forward but found his way blocked by a pair of white wing-tipped shoes. Slowly raising his head, Jerry took in the pristine white suit, red collared shirt, pink tie with a gleaming gold arrow tie-pin, and lastly the blue eyes and blonde curls of Eros himself.

            “B-b-boss! Sir!” Jerry stuttered in surprise.

            Eros flashed a gleaming smile. “Going somewhere?”

            Jerry felt his face flush as his mind went blank. “I was just . . . I mean . . . fresh air . . . maybe . . .” He trailed off as Eros gave him a sad, knowing look.

            “Why don’t we have a chat in my office?”

            Jerry blinked and realized that Eros already had an arm around his shoulders, leading him back through the lines of cubicles. The other cherubs hurriedly ducked back to their own computers and the air was filled with the sound of clacking keyboards and clicking mice once more. Jerry hung his head in shame as they approached Eros’ office. He hadn’t meant to cause any trouble.

            “Now,” Eros said as the door clicked shut, “tell me what the problem is.”

            Jerry picked at his sleeve, avoiding eye-contact again. “Well . . .” he started, “the big day is coming up . . .”

            “It certainly is,” Eros encouraged.

            “And there’s just so many unhappy clients out there,” Jerry finished in a rush. “It almost feels like true love doesn’t exist anymore.”

            Eros nodded sadly. “I understand how you feel. I’ve felt that way myself several times over the years.”

            “What keeps you going, then?”

            Eros reached for a remote on his desk. There was a TV monitor on the wall that flickered to life. Eros tapped a button and started a slideshow. The images showed a continuous stream of happy couples and families framed by hearts. Some images showed widows and widowers placing flowers on graves, or sitting beside closed coffins. After a few minutes, Eros paused the slideshow.

            “True love never dies,” Eros said thoughtfully, fingering his gold arrow tie-pin. “All of those unsuccessful cases . . . well, they’re just cases that weren’t meant to be. It does get frustrating and depressing every now and then, but that just makes the actual successes that much sweeter.”

            Jerry nodded thoughtfully. “I guess that’s true.”

            “Let me show you something else that’s given me courage the last couple of years.”

            Curious, Jerry watched the screen flicker and a video pop up in place of the slideshow. “I recorded this last year and wouldn’t be surprised if he does it again,” Eros explained. “If you ever get discouraged, think of this young lad’s efforts. He doesn’t know if the clients he helps find true love or not.”

            A tall, young man entered the video frame wearing one of the most interesting outfits Jerry had ever seen. The man was covered head to toe, but the shirt and leggings he wore were skin-colored, and there was a puffy white diaper pinned around his waist. His wings were a dirty, imperfect imitation of Eros’ own gleaming feathers and they were strapped to the man’s shoulders with more flesh colored material. Jerry watched in amazement as the man boldly marched into a dirty ware-house carrying balloons and a glittery gift bag.

            “Is he one of ours?” Jerry asked.

            “No,” Eros chuckled. “He started this delivery business in my name on his own. Calls himself Cupid of all things! If you were to watch more of his deliveries, you might spot a cherub or two tagging along with arrows at the ready.”

            In the video, the man waited patiently as the ware-house workers gathered on the floor and the intended recipient was pushed out to the middle. The worker blushed bright red as the diapered lad loudly read a heart-felt poem and handed over the balloons and gift bag. As he walked away, Eros paused the video and gave Jerry a wink.

            Surprised, Jerry found himself smiling. The lad in the video was utterly ridiculous, but his work wasn’t much different from what the company did. “I suppose there’s hope after all,” Jerry admitted.

            Eros nodded.

            “Would you excuse me, sir?” I should return to work.”

            “But of course,” Eros said with a smile.

            Jerry slowly walked back to his cubical, determination welling in his chest. He sat back at his desk and drummed his fingers on the edge as he sucked in a steadying breath. With a click of his mouse, he opened the next pink file in his queue. A young couple smiled at him over bubbling champagne glasses. He carefully reviewed the notes beneath the image and recorded the data on the specialized Cupid tracker that determined if relationships were successful or not according to the data inputted.

            After several minutes of careful typing, Jerry at last hovered his mouse over the tracker’s red button that prompted: True Love? Sucking in a deep breath, he closed his eyes and clicked the button. If successful, his computer screen would fill with bubbly hearts. If unsuccessful, a cracked heart would flash on his screen. Bracing himself, he opened his eyes.

            Pink and red bubble hearts filled his screen, and Jerry sat back in his chair with a sigh of relief. Tension drained from his shoulders as he saved the file and opened a new one. There were no other successes in his queue for the rest of the day, but Jerry clung to that one success and Eros’ words that true love never dies. Not every couple was meant to be, but every couple deserved a chance. As he clocked out for the night, Jerry looked out the windows at the world and wished all a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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